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Sexpower Live episode 10 – Sex workers, Ex workers!

The all new Sexpower LIVE! From now on in ZOOM. This time the topic is "Sexworkers, Ex-Workers!". We'll talk about how things are for sexworkers and how they are treated during the corona epidemic by our government. We are talking live to sexworkers who fell between ship and shore when they needed help from the government.

Corona crisis reveals weaknesses in the position of sex workers

When contact professions were banned because of corona this spring, this also applied to sex workers. The Verwey-Jonker Institute investigated what this meant for the situation of sex workers in the Hart van Brabant region. How can municipalities better support sex workers in the event of another ban, and what can we learn from this corona crisis about the position of sex workers in the long term?

Sex workers’ corona questions

The coronavirus has a huge impact, both in the health of sex workers and customers, and in terms of finances. This blog tries to answer a number of questions. Much is still unclear about the government’s financial measures. What is explained here is the current state of affairs in the Netherlands.