The mission of the Sexpower foundation is to bring people closer together by pointing out their similarities instead of the differences. Empowerment and self-acceptance should be achievable for everyone. Unfortunately, this is not always as obvious as it should be. Often people are afraid of what they don’t know. This regularly creates an “us” against “them” feeling. That is certainly the case in terms of preferences and orientation.

Our mission is to connect people by providing information, sharing knowledge and organizing and / or supporting events. The goal is to show people that we can accept each other as we are, even when we sometimes have a different experience, belief or vision. From the Sexpower foundation we like to focus on sexual stigmas. It is difficult to talk about this and we think there is a lot to be improved here. Happy people are better for each other!

The stigma that rests on a different sexuality ensures that people do not share their experiences and thoughts. This encourages aggression and leads to dangerous situations. The lack of openness and transparency sometimes forces people to go underground, into the illegal circuit. The fact that it cannot be discussed makes (young) people vulnerable to abuse and blackmail. They become entangled in many ways, or worse, endangered.

The Sexpower Foundation is totally independent, so we do not make use of gifts or subsidies. We are a non-profit foundation and support ourselves from a for profit part of our organization. For example, Sexpower has a chat site where various sex therapists and experts by experience give advice and we give various fun workshops. With these proceeds and with the help of committed volunteers, we can commit ourselves to numerous social causes.

Our goals:

The foundation’s mission is to be a transparent, social interest-seeking organization. Sexpower aims at destigmatizing every sexual taboo by collecting and disseminating information or organizing or supporting events.

The foundation is part of a broader social initiative whose vision is a world in which:

  1. human rights, labor and health rights and the self-determination of people, who provide services in the field of sex and sexuality, are upheld and respected;
  2. sex, sexuality and sex work are well understood and can be discussed openly and with respect;
  3. people can develop and enjoy their sexual relationships and sexuality in positive, healthy, informed, safe and accepted environments and in the same ways.

The foundation achieves its goals by undertaking activities that contribute to:

  1. providing high-quality, healthy and safe workplaces and environments for sex workers;
  2. providing information to diverse population groups with the aim of removing prejudice and destigmatizing sexual taboos;
  3. organizing and supporting events with the aim of informing people about different experiences of sex and sexuality.

During the first board meeting, the board of the foundation establishes the vision, mission and goals of the foundation in greater granularity. These can be requested from the foundation at any time.

The foundation is engaged in performing all further actions that are related to the above in the broadest sense or that may be conducive to it. This purpose does not include making distributions to the founder or to those who are part of organs of the foundation.

The foundation explicitly recognizes that all proceeds of the foundation are used to achieve the goals of the foundations. The foundation only aims to serve the public interest and does not aim to make a profit.