Sex workers squeezed by the Corona virus

Panic, and logical… where is this going and how long will it take. Nobody knows.

Our sex workers, who are always there for us when you, he, she or we need them, are often completely forgotten in these situations.

Whether you work as a self-employed person, unlicensed or via opting-in, there is also the possibility for you to apply for social benefits.

Maaike and I are part of the support group: SEKSWORKS in Tilburg, for the whole of Hart van Brabant region. This support group is for and by sex workers and is for destigmatization and position strengthening for all sex workers regardless of gender, status, sexual preference, age, health or nationality! The  group is subsidized by the municipality of Tilburg and is part of PMW (Prostitution Social Work) Hart van Brabant. This falls under and is for everyone who needs help.

Maaike and I have done online field work (and will continue to do so!) to reach out to sex workers and inform them of the possibilities for applying for benefits.

We know that most do not want to be approached or think that they do not matter.Try to put these thoughts aside and be open to help, in many ways, to show you the way or to help you claim benefits. Maybe you have all kinds of questions about corona and sex or you just want to share your story, we are here for you!

You can ask your questions here on this site to one of our consultants, but you can also call or email our SEKSWORKS > focus group: tel: +31 6 34 65 97 77 or mail:

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