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Why the Sexpower foundation?

Crime often revolves around only a few things: Money and power. These two things are often closely linked. We are convinced that as soon as you criminalize something, you actually drive up prices and strengthen the illegal circuit instead of closing it. This also applies to sex work.

Sex work organizations

A complete list of all sex work organizations. Here you will also find an overview of authorities such as GGD, and organizations for emergency, human trafficking, health, administration, lists of fakers and more.

Sexpower LIVE episode 13 – Masturbating

This episode we're talking about masturbating. Do you use your fingers, or do you prefer an electric aid? And if so, do you choose battery power or wall-powered devices? How old were you when you started masturbating en what are the thing you enjoy?

Sexpower Live episode 10 – Sex workers, Ex workers!

The all new Sexpower LIVE! From now on in ZOOM. This time the topic is "Sexworkers, Ex-Workers!". We'll talk about how things are for sexworkers and how they are treated during the corona epidemic by our government. We are talking live to sexworkers who fell between ship and shore when they needed help from the government.