Why the Sexpower foundation?

Crime often revolves around only a few things: Money and power. These two things are often closely linked. We are convinced that as soon as you criminalize something, you actually drive up prices and strengthen the illegal circuit instead of closing it. This also applies to sex work.

Sex work is not always just about violence, exploitation and human trafficking. The proposition that paid sex is by definition involuntary sex, because the sex worker in question would not have chosen the client for sex if they had not paid, can also be viewed from several sides. How many people do you know who will still go to work tomorrow if their boss decides not to pay anymore? If human trafficking takes place in a mushroom farm, then this crime will be addressed. There will be no ban on growing mushrooms.

Work is work, and provided sex work is a free choice, there are large numbers of sex workers who enjoy doing it.
Some people actually find it very horny and exciting to have sex with a stranger. Other sex workers make the conscious choice, instead of 2 badly paid jobs, to take 1 well paid job, so that there is more time left to invest in their family for example.
There are a lot of also really nice reasons to do sex work. The excitement of not knowing how your day will go. What kind of people you will meet and their preferences or reasons for visiting you are reasons for many sex workers to keep doing their work. Making yourself beautiful and dressing as the most kinky or sexy version or fantasy of yourself.
The role that a sex worker plays certainly does not have to be perceived as negative. Rather, it needs to be seen as positive. Besides, the choice to do the work is free and up to them.

Also, visiting sex workers often has a wide variety of reasons. Some people find it horny and exciting, others are extremely shy and just want to gain some experience. Some people just don’t have a (physical) relationship. Because of a disability for example, but the list is endless.

The idea that sex work facilitates cheating or is just exploitation and involuntary is really outdated. The discussion about whether paid sex is good or bad has a lot to do with your personal beliefs, perspectives or experiences. That everyone has different views on this is understandable. However, to limit this freedom of opinion or experience through laws, seems to us not to be the intention.

At the Sexpower Foundation, we think there are more solutions to offer safety to erotic entrepreneurs, our sexual caregivers.

Get the money out. Make it possible for sex workers to rent safely and cheaply without getting into trouble. A non-profit operator aims for fair and balanced pay with facilities that protect and support the sex worker. An “intermediary” is then no longer necessary.
In addition, it is important that the attitude in society and politics changes. It takes real understanding and honest and open minded (self) research to understand why a sex worker chooses to enter this profession and what the need of clients is to use these services. If sex workers and their clients do not necessarily have to be ashamed and hide, their actions can also be monitored openly for abuses. Then there is little left for the human trafficker to do.

The Sexpower foundation focuses on these solutions. On the one hand by creating non profit brothels and on the other hand by educating and providing information.

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